Expert Operations and Chief Procurement Officer Services

Discover the value of strategic sourcing and procurement through an interim or fractional Chief Procurement Officer.

Is sourcing and procurement a strategic focus for your company? 

It should be!  Strategic sourcing and procurement can…

  • Save you money.
  • Improve your supplier relationships.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Provide the transparency needed to identify other areas of opportunity.

Do you want to capitalize on strategic sourcing opportunities but don’t need a full-time leader?  

Go Fractional- Benefits of a Fractional or Inteim Leader

  • Immediate expertise. 
  • Procurement and sourcing strategies pay for themselves.
  • Save thousands by not paying a full time exec salary, varibale comp, benefits and equity or a commitment to long term role. 


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Tailored Fractional Officer Solutions for Precise Needs

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Interim/Fractional Chief Procurement Officer Services

Providing top-notch leadership services full-time or part time in procurement and operations for businesses of all sizes. We are dedicated to helping your company reach its full potential through winning strategies, efficient processes and leading great teams.

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30-Day Assessment

 A 30-day assessment for business insights is a valuable practice that allows organizations to gain deeper understanding and make informed decisions. This service approach undertakes a swift audit of the company's operations to pinpoint inefficiencies, followed by result-driven recommendations.

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Team Innovation Sessions

Are you looking for a way to boost your teams creativity, productivity, and profitability? Do you want to learn how to innovate faster, smarter, and better?This solution organizes brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops to support team innovation and focus on continous improvement.

Meet Lisa Haitz: Your Strategic Partner

Lisa Haitz is an executive with over 20 years of experience in finance, legal, commercial operations, sourcing, and procurement. She most recently managed $1.3B in vendor spend as the Vice President of Global Sourcing- Professional Services & Contingent Resource Management at AIG, a Fortune 100 multinational finance and insurance corporation. Lisa led the strategy, execution, contract negotiations, contingent resource management and governance of sourcing and procurement activities for professional services across the global organization, managing over 400 vendor relationships, 700 contracts, and 1K transactions per year.
She led transformation initiatives, innovation, and improved operations in complex and changing environments, delivering millions of cost savings and mitigating risk for AIG and its stakeholders. Lisa is also a certified GE Workout facilitator and Lean Six Sigma practitioner, a methodology that enables rapid problem solving and decision making quickly through working collaboratively with multiple teams, coaching and brainstorming. Lisa leverages these skills to empower her teams and partners to deliver value-added solutions and services that support the Company's strategic goals and vision.

Lisa Haitz

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