Fractional Chief Procurement Officer Services

Directly integrated and engaged with the company internally and externally. An active leader that understands the company needs and can tailor the offerings to have an impact. 

  1. Phase 1- 90-Day Strategic Impact with a roadmap
  2. Phase 2-Lead Strategic Initiatives
  3. On-going- Team development and management
  4. On-going-Optimizing Resources w/ Hiring & Adjustments

Benefits: Cost savings, strategic sourcing plan that aligns with business goals, thought leadership and flexibility of not hiring a full-time executive.

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30-Day Executive Impact

Conduct an audit of the company's operations to pinpoint inefficiencies, followed by results-driven leadership of the recommendations.

  • Operational Audit- conduct an audit the first week to deep dive into the company's operations
  • Results-Driven Recommendations
  • Supplier Review
  • Feedback and monitoring to gather inputs and insights
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Innovation Catalyst

Centered on fostering a culture of continuous improvement and providing executive guidance, this solution organizes brainstorming sessions and accelerator workshops.

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Process Improvement Workshops
  • Action Workouts

Benefits: Encourages employees to think outside the box, come up with creative ideas and teaches the principles of continuous improvement.  

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